The Family

A Reed & Billie Novel Book 11

For a moment, she looked as if she had turned to stone. Any slight twitches of her facial muscles ceased. Even her chest stopped rising and falling as she took in air.

Catching Fire

A Hawk Tate Novel Book 8

“You want to go to the Zone of Death? Now?” I asked, my brows rising in disbelief. “Agent Rowe, I don’t care if the damn president is holed up in that cabin…”

Moonshine Creek

A Standalone Suspense Thriller

“I don’t have long now. But I wanted to say goodbye and tell you this was no accident. It was a big black truck that ran me off the road…on purpose…”


Never did I imagine her triggering the self-destruct. The absolute last resort, for when things were so bad there was no choice but to wipe it all away.

The Confession

A Translator Novel, Book 2

“My son’s conviction was based almost entirely on his confession, which I need you to prove was a lie.”

Until Death

My Mira Series

Two weeks, Kyle Clady has been propelling himself forward. Fourteen days of trying to unravel the people and reasons behind the senseless murder of his wife in Balboa Park.

The Shuffle

Zoo Crew Series Book 6

On the brink of the first official weekend of summer, Drake Bell’s agenda was set: Join his friends, The Zoo Crew, for a birthday celebration of one of their own.

The Boat Man

Detective Reed Mattox, just three months removed from the death of his partner, has turned invisibility into an art form.

Cold Fire

As a DEA agent, Jeremiah “Hawk” Tate was one of the best at taking down drug traffickers.

The Zoo Crew

A random assortment of individuals that came together in western Montana out of circumstance, stayed together by choice.

Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers, Inc.

Dustin Stevens

My first reiteration of this website didn't have anything resembling this section, something that was pointed out to me by every single person I asked to take a look at it. I'm still not entirely in love with the idea of having it, but the folks I sought out for opinions are all well-read, well-versed individuals and if they all sit in agreement, there must be something to it. That being said, I still won't bore anyone with a laundry list of my life, but will push forward in my own slightly askew style.

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Love all of Mr. Stevens' books. Doesn't matter if “who done it” or small town hero makes good. He is a great story teller & you always finish his books with a smile or a I'll be darn ending.

– Patricia Crook


I have read numerous books by Mr. Stevens and have enjoyed them all. I find his writing to be entertaining and enlightening. He always explains the bases of where his writing comes from, I have found all his books delightful, this open being no exception.

– Montie Leach


Dustin Stevens characters always make his stories interesting. They are normal people trying to make the most of their lives, dealing with the same problems we all face. Struggling with our own doubts about ourselves.

– Bob Church

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