Cold Fire – Dustin Stevens

Cold Fire

Official Blurb:
Five years ago, an unspeakable tragedy brought an early retirement to Jeremiah “Hawk” Tate’s career as a DEA agent. Without looking back he retreated from the desert sands of the southwest to the rugged wilderness of Montana, intent to live far from any connection to his previous life.

His solitude is shattered when a client shows up at the door of his Yellowstone guide service asking him to help her track down her brother, lost somewhere in the Park. Against his better judgment Hawk accepts the job and is shocked to find the man they were seeking wasn’t her brother, but someone linked to a life he thought he had left behind long ago.

Narrowly escaping with his life, Hawk is forced back into a world he hasn’t been a part of in five years. Calling on allies both old and new, he plunges forward on a case that will take him from California to Baja to Russia…and ultimately home again.

Unofficial Blurb:
This was a story that started out as a simple track-em-down in Yellowstone and just kind of exploded from there. The larger Hawk's back story became, the grander the narrative became in scope, wanting to match the tale with the character I had created. I only hope it worked.

Per usual, I have nothing but the highest respect for all places mentioned in my work. Any mistakes are mine and mine alone.

Also, this release is my first experience working w/ Thomas & Mercer, the suspense/thriller imprint for Amazon Publishing. As would be expected, everybody has been wonderful and the experience has been top notch across the board. Here's hoping for many more collaborations in the future!

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