Reed & Billie Series

The Boat Man
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 1

Detective Reed Mattox, just three months removed from the death of his partner, has turned invisibility into an art form.

The Good Son
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 2

Six months have passed since the first murder investigation Detective Reed Mattox and his K-9 partner worked together.

The Kid
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 3

Reed and his partner are both summoned to the hospital to find two of their colleagues have been viciously attacked.

The Partnership
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 4

Less than a week before Christmas, Columbus Detective Reed Mattox and his K-9 partner receive a call from dispatch.

Sydney Rye: Justice
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 5

On the second story of a low-rent apartment complex, two women are found murdered, the scene awash with blood.

The Scorekeeper
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 6

Somewhere in the greater Columbus area, a young twenty-something is sealed away inside a coffin.

The Bear
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 7

Working in law enforcement imparts certain things in a man. The smell of gunpowder in the air. The sight of blood spatter at a crime scene.

The Driver
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 8

I know you and I have been through some things,” Reed whispered. “Some crazy, crazy stuff. But we have never – and will never – work a case as important as this one.

The Promisor
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 9

Saying nothing in return, Reed listened as the phone cut out, the forest returning to relative silence around them.

The Ghost
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 10

Detective Roese looked up, a strand of lank hair hanging across her face. Blood staining her bare hands and forearms, she kept her weight pitched forward.

The Family
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 11

For a moment, she looked as if she had turned to stone. Any slight twitches of her facial muscles ceased. Even her chest stopped rising and falling as she took in air.

The Cat
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 12

In our line of work, there is no such thing as being a victim of success. There is just success.

The Shadow

The Shadow
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 13

“Do you remember Halloweens when you were a kid? Every year from about the age of five until you stopped trick-or-treating, the same thing.”

Hawk Tate Series

Cold Fire
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 1

As a DEA agent, Jeremiah “Hawk” Tate was one of the best at taking down drug traffickers.

Cover Fire: A Thriller
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 2

If anybody can keep the girl tucked away and safe long enough for the DEA to investigate, it has to be him.

Fire and Ice: A Thriller
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 3

Ferris and Hawk form an uneasy alliance, digging into the abduction to find a plot that runs much deeper than a simple kidnapping.

Hellfire: A Thriller
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 4

The flight Hawk and his friend are on is forced down into Caracas, thrusting them into the middle of an international situation.

Home Fire: A Suspense Thriller
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 5

Six long years have passed since the tragedy that took Hawk Tate’s wife and daughter. Ended his career with the DEA.

Wild Fire
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 6

The night was supposed to be a celebration. The culmination of another successful season for the guide service Hawk Tate…

Friendly Fire
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 7

Knife fights are never what they look like in the movies. They aren’t a match between two men both lowered into crouches…

Catching Fire
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 8

“You want to go to the Zone of Death? Now?” I asked, my brows rising in disbelief. “Agent Rowe, I don’t care if the damn president is holed up in that cabin…”

Forest Fire
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 9

“You know how when people show up at an emergency room, they’re admitted based on severity? Someone with the sniffles gets told to wait in the corner while a bullet wound gets rushed into surgery?”

The Zoo Crew Series

The Zoo Crew
Zoo Crew Series Book 1

Armed only with his own trepidations and the loyalty of those around him, Drake must find a way to save his friend and his own growing skepticism before it’s too late.

Dead Peasants
Zoo Crew Series Book 2

Bargain Mart, long a fixture in the Missoula economic structure has fallen on hard times. Things are dire, and if a financial windfall doesn’t arrive soon, their doors will close.

Zoo Crew Series Book 3

With just days remaining before Lukas wakes and is hauled off to prison for the rest of his life, a call is made to budding attorney Drake Bell for assistance.

The Glue Guy
Zoo Crew Series Book 4

Deep in the heart of winter, things are beginning to shift for the Zoo Crew. Drake Bell is wrapping up his last days in law school and preparing to take the bar exam.

Zoo Crew Series Book 5

His first case to walk through the door is in defense of a young woman that was the driver in an accident that left a young cyclist in the hospital.

The Shuffle
Zoo Crew Series Book 6

On the brink of the first official weekend of summer, Drake Bell’s agenda was set: Join his friends, The Zoo Crew, for a birthday celebration of one of their own.

HAM Series


HAM Action Thrillers Book 1

Three years ago, Ham retired to a quiet life in the remote desert of Northern Mexico. Realizing what she was doing would likely end in her death, she severed all ties, disappearing across international borders.


HAM Action Thrillers Book 2

Brought to jail in the middle of the night, he offers to share everything he knows about the man he works for, Edgar Santos, and the operation Santos runs in exchange for the guaranteed safety of his family back home.

Rules Tablet


HAM Action Thrillers Book 3

Retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detective Solomon Hill hasn’t heard the name in years. A man he hasn’t thought about since sending him away more than two decades prior for attempted murder.


HAM Action Thrillers Book 4

Never did I imagine her triggering the self-destruct. The absolute last resort, for when things were so bad there was no choice but to wipe it all away.


HAM Action Thrillers Book 5

“It’s time for you to go be who you are, or the next time something happens, you won’t be any help to any of us.”


HAM Action Thrillers Book 6

“Hey, it’s me. Talia. I know it has been a while, and I have no idea where you are, but you always said…6457 Chatwood Drive, Riverside.”

HAM Action Thrillers

Books 1-3 Box Set

The first three books in the HAM Thrillers are bundled together for the first time. Download this box set and settle in for a binge read filled with action, adventure, and suspense.

My Mira Series

Spare Change

Book 1

It was supposed to have been a celebration. A chance to celebrate the culmination of ten long years. Little does he know that waiting there for him is an eventuality far worse than anything he ever encountered in the military…

Office Visit

Book 2

Across town, two meetings take place almost simultaneously as a result. The first involves the people that hired the hit, the action taken a part of a business decision that still needs to be seen through.

Fair Trade

Book 3

Nothing in Kyle Clady’s world is as it should be. His wife is gone. He can’t bear to set foot in his home. He’s back sitting vigil at the hospital, hoping his brother-in-law will survive the night.

Ships Passing

Book 4

Little more than a week ago, Kyle Clady’s life made sense. In the waning days of a decade spent as a Navy SEAL, he and his wife were about to embark on an adventure together.

Warning Shot

Book 5

In the wake of his most recent encounter with the Wolves, Kyle Clady decides a new tact is needed. For as satisfying as slowly extracting his revenge might be, it isn’t what his wife would want.

Battle Cry

Book 6

On the south end of town, Detective Malcolm Marsh is called to a crime scene in the middle of the night. 

Steel Trap

Book 7

In the wake of the battle at the Valley View Inn and Suites, everybody in the greater San Diego area is reeling.

Iron Men

Book 8

Each moment propels Kyle Clady further in the search for the people and motives behind the senseless murder of his wife.

Until Death

Until Death

Book 9

Two weeks, Kyle Clady has been propelling himself forward. Fourteen days of trying to unravel the people and reasons behind the senseless murder of his wife in Balboa Park.

My Mira Saga

Books 1-3 Box Set

Nothing more than a walk in the park…
It was supposed to be a celebration. A night out among friends.

Night Novels


“You remember that game we used to play when I was a kid? The one where you would let me pick out a code word, and if ever anything was wrong, all I had to do was call and say it, or yell it out when you came to pick me up?”


His existence isn’t without its benefits, but when an opportunity presents itself to insert himself into a newly vacated United States Representative seat, Wirth jumps at it, envisioning an entirely new act for his career.


Two days. In a span of just two days, the paths of three complete strangers are forced together in a way none of them could have foreseen or even thought possible.

Hobby Lobby Mysteries

The Exchange

Hobby Lobby Mysteries Book 1

Battered physically and psychologically in the wake of a horrific car accident, Erika Wernick takes a leave from her post as a reporter at the Seattle Times to return home to Big Bear Lake to recover.

Badger Games

Hobby Lobby Mysteries Book 2

Months after returning home to the mountain community of Big Bear Lake to heal after suffering through a terrible car accident, Erika Wernick is settling back into small town life.

Standalone Thrillers and Suspense

Moonshine Creek

“I don’t have long now. But I wanted to say goodbye and tell you this was no accident. It was a big black truck that ran me off the road…on purpose…”

The Subway

Having no choice but to abandon his adopted life and return to his roots, Scarberry finds himself dropped into a situation far more harrowing than he ever could have imagined.

The Ring

A bomb ravaged the federal courthouse in Missoula, Montana, leaving behind only a pair of fingerprints in the rubble.

Peeping Thoms

When Joe Don Burrell shows up at the front door of Peeping Thoms Investigations, he reeks of fear and desperation.

One Last Day

Six years ago, you voted to send troops into Afghanistan. One of those soldiers was my son, who never made it back. Now, I'm here to ask you, was it worth it?

Shoot to Wound

Five years ago, Remy Bomar found himself on the wrong end of a military operation in Syria that went terribly wrong.

The Debt

Special Forces soldier Laredo Wynn was dragged from the clutches of death, surviving with the scars it wrought and the promise that someday he would make good on what happened.

Going Viral

At twenty-eight years old he was content to still live in the bedroom he grew up in, working as a manager at the fast food chain he first joined in high school.

Liberation Day

Armed only with his instincts and the help of those around him, Thorn must determine who to trust and what to do before it is too late.


Just months before Hawaii's gubernatorial primary election, a body is found on the floor of the open air capitol, a macabre scene specifically manipulated to draw attention to a sitting governor with waning political support.

21 Hours

Felix “O” O'Connor is an ex-con from central Ohio that has spent the seven years since being released from prison working on a ranch in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.


The son of a single mother from a wayward stretch of highway in Western Wyoming, he heads to Midwestern football powerhouse Ohio Tech and becomes a star.


Number Four is the story of a man simply known as Number Four. He's known to his employers as Number Four because he operates by four concrete rules at all times.

Standalone Dramas


Fifty-four minutes after Kris Hopkins was born, his father snuck into the hospital nursery and slid a miniature football into his hands.

Be My Eyes

Most nineteen year olds believe they are invincible. They wake up each day thinking they have all the time in the world to travel, to get an education, to fall in love.


Ohana, the Hawaiian word for family, whether by blood or by circumstance, is the tale of Dyson Nicks, a graduate student from Montana.

Just A Game

A small town where football players are the top of the social hierarchy and heroes are held in high esteem long after their final game is played.

Scars and Stars

Page by page, Cat imparts the story of the album to young Austin, using a series of seemingly mundane and unconnected objects to tell the story of the brothers Roberts from long ago.

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