Just A Game – Dustin Stevens

Just A Game


Official Blurb

Huntsville, Ohio is the kind of place young boys dream of growing up.  A small town where football players are the top of the social hierarchy and heroes are held in high esteem long after their final game is played.

For the past three years, Clay Hendricks has realized that dream unlike few others.  As the starting quarterback for the Hornets, he has dated the head cheerleader, been greeted by name everywhere he went and served as the visible leader of the community as a whole.

Now, faced with his final game, Clay is forced to actually make peace with the impending conclusion of it all.  In doing so, he slowly starts to realize that what he was doing all those years was far greater than just playing quarterback and that the impact football has had on himself, his family, and his community is far greater than being just a game.


Side Commentary

Most folks will quickly notice there is a bit of myself transcribed in this one, and I freely admit it is the most autobiographical of anything I've written.  I did grow up in a small town in southern Ohio where football was the crux of the weekly social scene and I did have a close-knit relationship with my brother and parents.  For anybody looking for deeper parallels though, I am sorry to say they end there. 

This is my first time working with Turquoise Morning Press, a fantastic group of people that were very receptive to the story and offered excellent insight throughout the process.  I was lucky enough to be one of the first projects they took on that was decidedly not romance, though I would still recommend checking out any of the other authors on their roster.  Could not ask for a nicer or more supportive group of people.

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