the confession book

The Confession

A Translator Novel, Book 2

“My son’s conviction was based almost entirely on his confession, which I need you to prove was a lie.”

Six months ago, Leo Martz returned to the world of private investigating for the first time in fifteen years. A hiatus caused by the unique ability he possesses to not just hear but translate all the sounds around him. Noises cloaked as everyday occurrences, serving as stored traumas from the past.

This extremely rare gift serves as a curse, extracting a price from him each time it’s used. A physical toll, forcing him to partner with Jade Kane, a paranormal investigator scraping by, glad to take on anything with guaranteed pay and a hint of the macabre.

The mismatched pair is not without its growing pains.

Concerns are put aside when the mother of a recently convicted man hires them to uncover why her son admitted to a murder he did not commit.

What at first seems like willful denial by a grieving mother soon uncovers a scheme much larger than anybody could have imagined. Encompassing much of the greater area beyond the western outer belt encircling Boston, it soon includes titans of industry, leaders of law enforcement, and even the local medical community.

A network of individuals both legit and dirty, all having come together to keep hidden a secret decades in the making…

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