Danny the Daydreamer… Visits the Old West
Danny the Daydreamer Novels, Book 2

Everybody’s favorite daydreamer is back, this time in an adventure even bigger, bolder, and especially LOUDER than before!

The town of Burgerville is a lot like most places in the Old West. It has a stable, a post office, a barber shop, and one really big problem – a bank robber named Screaming Willie Jones that stops by the bank every month, taking everything the town has. People are scared, uncertain how much longer they can go on.

Called in to help is famed Wild West lawman Danny Morelli. Riding in with his trusted sidekicks Fiona and Perry, he can see how dire the situation is, going immediately to work to try and track down his most notorious opponent yet.

Will he save the day and the town of Burgerville? Or will Screaming Willie Jones finally be more than he can handle? Find out as Danny the Daydreamer visits the Old West!

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