A Night Novel

“His life is not a vacuum. The things he says and does, decisions he makes, reverberate in ways he can’t begin to fathom.”

In the year since his tenure as Governor of Montana came to an end, Carson Wirth’s life has been little more than a victory lap with time spent back in his hometown of Helena, free to make the perfunctory rounds as something of a minor celebrity. Someone to give the occasional guest lecture at the local college or to offer a sound bite on the evening news.His existence isn’t without its benefits, but when an opportunity presents itself to insert himself into a newly vacated United States Representative seat, Wirth jumps at it, envisioning an entirely new act for his career.

An act that many others aren’t nearly as excited to see come to pass.

Hours after stepping off the stage to receive his endorsement from the outgoing representative, Wirth wakes up alone in an old farm outbuilding. Handcuffed to a steel chair bolted to the floor, he embarks on a night painstakingly put together by his captors, each moment meant to impart the full repercussions of every decision he made overseeing the state.

Some with consequences reaching far beyond anything he ever intended…or even imagined.

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