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A Hawk Tate Novel Book 5

Six years.

Six long years have passed since the tragedy that took Hawk Tate’s wife and daughter. Ended his career with the DEA. Sent him into self-imposed exile, living and working in the rugged terrains of Yellowstone Park.

Since he heard the voice on the other end of the line.

The last time the two spoke, things didn’t end well. It was made clear that the blame for the fate of Hawk’s family was placed squarely on him, that as far as the caller was concerned he had suffered the same ending. But now, after all this time, something has happened, something strong enough to make them reach out, asking for his help.

Something strong enough to strike to the core of who Hawk is, once more beckoning him out of the shadows…

Another great read by Stevens. Spoiler alert.

This one starts with Hawk who's in Yellowstone Park. He's guiding an idiot and his son on a fishing trip. He gets a call from a woman he hasn't talked to in over five years. His sister in law. A woman who blamed him for his wife and daughters deaths. If she could have she would have seen him thrown in jail.

Amber is her name and she tells Hawk her daughter is missing and her son has been shot. Hawk takes the first flight he can get to Nashville, TN.

Amber is at the hospital with husband Jason. Hawk calls her and lets her know he's in the parking lot. She hurries out and tells him everything he knows.

The police have already been in to see Amber. Russo, the missing person's detective, is less than helpful. Of course he and another man, Kuntzman, have already made a deal to deliver the girl to Sirr Asai. A billionaire who has a party he needs to supply food, drink and women for. Russo is being well paid for his help, as is his sometime partner Kuntzman.

After leaving Amber Hawk will need weapons. He calls a number and heads to a range. The two men at the range Jack the owner and another don't smell right to Hawk who takes them both down and takes two Browning .45 caliber pistols. He is now armed and he will need to be because finding his niece will be one tough row to hoe.

So begins another fine read by Stevens.

This one has Hawk, Elyse his niece, Amber, Jason, Asai, Kuntzman, Russo, Paco who is Asai's right hand and muscle, a Hawk who slowly begins putting the pieces together, the three idiots who grabbed Elyse and shot her brother, the three who won't survive Big Man, a Hawk who called Pally his computer genius for help, a Pally who more than delivers, the police who arrive at Big Mans warehouse to find three dead kids, a Hawk who now knows about the party, a Kuntzman who Hawk kidnaps and tortures for info, a Hawk who enters the mansion, the guards who are far from effective and Hawk Tate figuring it all out, a Hawk who takes out the trash, gets his niece and survives.

Claudette Valliere

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