Mike's Place

A Bulletproof Novel, Book 1


“You’re one of them, aren’t you?”

For a moment, he thinks to plead ignorance. Ask her what she is referring to. A notion that lasts only an instant as he sees the earnestness on her features, a slow dawning occurring to him.

“You’ve witnessed it before,” he whispers.

“Not that,” she replies, “but something similar. Something most people don’t have.”

Three years ago, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist Joseph Robert “Mike” Mychalski walked away from the United State Army. Halfway to his pension, he decided he’d seen enough of man’s depravity to last him a lifetime.

A choice made after a chase that took him halfway across the Asian continent in pursuit of an international terrorist. A bombmaker took out dozens of high value targets before using one of his devices to take his own life.

The explosion nearly ended Mike’s as well, his survival due only to a very special proclivity granted to him upon birth—impenetrable skin making him uniquely qualified for such situations.

Moving to a small island in Bali, he opens a bar and spends every minute trying to forget his previous life and the unusual attribute until a woman from halfway around the world arrives to ask for his help.

His every inclination is to turn the woman away, but something in the story she shares won’t let him. A tale that resonates much deeper than he would like to admit, for a variety of reasons.

Reasons pulling him back into a life he thought he left behind against a foe he never knew existed.

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