Zoo Crew Series Book 5

Not a condition, but a symptom…

Nothing about the case seemed to follow the previous patterns Drake Bell experienced in his young career.

The local public defender’s office claimed a conflict of interest and turfed one of their potential clients his way. The incident in question was a single vehicle accident, the victim a fourteen-year-old girl left in a coma and fighting for her life.

The client, someone completely new to town, was intent on accepting their guilt in the matter.

Something about the story strikes a chord with Drake, compelling him to investigate further. Faced with his new client’s trepidation, their insistence on self-incrimination, and the uncertain future of the young girl still in critical care, he flings himself into the case.

Things soon begin to shift when he finds himself on a quest that is part medical mystery and part history lesson, trying in earnest to understand the condition afflicting his client and what it means for her situation.

Running short on time, Drake calls on the myriad skills of the Zoo Crew.

Together, they uncover a trail stretching back more than a hundred years, involving some of the oldest wealth and industry in the state, and those that would do anything to continue protecting it…

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