Moonshine Creek
A Standalone Suspense Thriller

“I don’t have long now. But I wanted to say goodbye and tell you this was no accident. It was a big black truck that ran me off the road…on purpose…”

“Call Rem…find truck…promise me…love you guys.”

The last words Courtland Alder ever heard from his wife were the pained gasps of a voicemail. A farewell as she sat along the side of the road, the front end of her car impaled against the thick trunk of an oak tree, expressing how much she loved him and how proud of him she was.

Before telling him to call his brother and find the man who did it.

Reeling from the devastation of such a loss, Courtland is joined by his older brother Remington, the two of them forced to sift through his wife’s seemingly idyllic life. A young attorney who started her career in corporate law before moving into nonprofit work eighteen months ago, dedicating her time to helping those less fortunate.

A client base inadvertently taking her across paths some of Austin’s seedier underbelly. Overlords and business interests with many secrets, some of which they will go to any lengths to keep hidden.

What those same people don’t know is the Alder brothers also have secrets. Mysteries buried and dormant for years, hidden away behind their new lives and careers and waiting for the right moment to be unleashed once again…

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