Until Death

My Mira Saga
Books 1-3 Box Set

Nothing more than a walk in the park…

It was supposed to be a celebration. A night out among friends. A chance to celebrate the culmination of ten long years for Kyle Clady as a Navy SEAL. An evening that ended with a moonlit stroll through San Diego’s Balboa Park—the centerpiece of town and the place where he and his wife exchanged their vows.

A spot he never imagined where she would take her last breath, gunned down by a passing vagabond asking for spare change.

Or was she…?

Unable to accept the cruel senselessness, ardently avoiding the crushing grief coupled with it, Kyle throws himself into the task of determining exactly what happened. An odyssey aided by his friends and remaining family that takes him across San Diego and introduces him to people and topics he never knew existed. Where underlying motivations and shady machinations are carefully hidden away from the world.

Along the way, he finds himself on parallel paths with a host of others entangled in the ever-widening web of his nightmare. People like the SDPD detective hoping this is the case where he can make a name for himself. The woman that put the murder into motion in service of her very unique role under a powerful employer. Even the motorcycle crew hired to perform the task.

Join them as they uncover that what started as a single, heinous act of violence spirals toward a reach and scope much wider than any thought possible…

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