Office Visit
A Suspense Thriller

“You think this is about you?”

Just six simple words, they comprised the last sentence ever uttered by the man that killed Kyle Clady’s wife. A sentence that he is unable to get out of his head, the possibilities it contains keep him awake at night, spurring on his every movement.

But little does he know, he isn’t the only one being affected.

Across town, two meetings take place almost simultaneously as a result. The first involves the people that hired the hit, the action taken a part of a business decision that still needs to be seen through. Twenty miles away, a second takes place, held by the men that the shooter rode with, people considered closer than brothers, that would do anything to mete out their own form of justice.

Join Kyle as he begins to uncover that what started as a single, senseless act of violence has a reach and scope much wider than he’d have ever thought possible…

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