Ships Passing
My Mira Saga, Book 4

“You’ve started something you can’t finish.”


Little more than a week ago, Kyle Clady’s life made sense. In the waning days of a decade spent as a Navy SEAL, he and his wife were about to embark on an adventure together. The details of it weren’t even complete yet, the two of them with an entire world to finally explore.

Now, she is gone. Not only in body, but every possession, every memento, every tangible memory he has, all consumed by the fire that turned his home to cinders.

A fire started by The Wolves, the motorcycle outfit responsible for his wife’s death.

A fire meant to serve as a direct challenge, drawing Kyle out into the open.

For ten solid days, Kyle has been in a race to catch up. To use the brief moments he has between bouts of overwhelming grief and anger to piece together what happened and why.


A search that continues, even in the face of these newest obstacles…

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