Spare Change
A Suspense Thriller


It was supposed to have been a celebration. A night out among friends. A chance to celebrate the culmination of ten long years.

For the last decade, Kyle Clady has served as a Navy SEAL. He has endured sleepless nights, hellish environments, personal injury, strained relations. He has fought enemies foreign and domestic, and multiple continents.

At long last, it is over. He is free to return home to San Diego, to the wife that has endured by his side, to the plans they have made for the future.

Little does he know that waiting there for him is an eventuality far worse than anything he ever encountered in the military…

I have the kind of love for my spouse as does the main character, Kyle, for his wife. He was relatable. To discover the truth about her misfortune makes his response all the more understandable. This story moves at a blinding pace and the twists left me agape. The book was over, it seemed, as if I'd only just started it. Needless to say I'm waiting for the next book, while sitting on the edge of my chair. The story is well-written and smooth moving, the characters fit well to the story with developed histories. Here's to volume two of Mira's Story not getting here soon enough.


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