Steel Trap
My Mira Series

Seven dead Wolves. A detective fighting for his life. A host of associated players all fighting to make sense of what happened and how they can move forward.

Kyle Clady, continually pushing forward, knowing there is no way he can possibly stop. Not now. Not with the answers he so desperately needs just starting to round into view.

In the wake of the battle at the Valley View Inn and Suites, everybody in the greater San Diego area is reeling. Detective Marsh retreated to the Parkside Hospital to sit vigil over his partner, praying the young man will pull through. The scattered members of the Wolves gathered in secret, attempting to patch together what remains of their once-proud organization. Hired gun Sven rises with the sun to pack up his van and relocate, sensing the end is near and he will need to be far away when it comes.

Moving in concert with them all is Kyle, a man accustomed to battle. He’s seen more skirmishes, like the one the night before, than most people can fathom. Knows the effect they have on the mind and body. The best ways to stave off the lingering effects they can produce, working to get ahead while the opportunity presents itself.

An opportunity so long in coming, he is not about to let food, sleep, or physical discomfort keep him from it…


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