The Debt
Dustin Stevens Standalone Novel
*  Finalist for the 2017 Independent Author Network
Action/Adventure Novel of the Year *

In 2000, Special Forces soldier Laredo Wynn was dragged from the clutches of death, surviving both with the scars it wrought and the promise that someday he would make good on what happened.

Now sixteen years later, a call arrives in the middle of the night to call in that debt. The man on the other end has now ascended to a lofty position, with his sights set on the second highest seat in the land, and has a few things he needs wiped quickly and quietly from his resume.

Fighting every inner desire to turn and walk away, Laredo remembers that day from so long ago and the red it still signifies in his ledger, reluctantly agreeing to help with the assurance that once the task is done, the marker that has hung over his head for so long will finally be wiped away for good.

Packing a few items and leaving behind his quiet life on a ranch in West Texas, he drives to Chicago and attempts to do as asked, only for things to begin spiraling beyond his control the moment he arrives. Within days the lines between friend and enemy become blurred, forcing Laredo to do things he thought he’d left behind, and forcing him to ask just how far he is willing to go in the name of squaring what he owes…

This was a thriller through and through! The story covers 36 hours and I finished it in half that because it was so compelling. The premise, the characters, the action, it was spellbinding! I've read several of Mr. Steven's books and have never been disappointed and this was no exception. This story could have been written about several of the highly placed politicians of our time-the need to climb the political ladder no matter what it takes or costs or who is damaged in the process. Coming on the wake of this past Presidential election it describes the exact disdain we have for career elected representatives who choose the limelight to assuage their own selfish desires. But this time the hack got his just desserts. Well done, Justin.


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