The Glue Guy
Zoo Crew Series Book 4

Every great team needs someone to do the little things…

Deep in the heart of winter, things are shifting for the Zoo Crew. Drake Bell is wrapping up his last days in law school and preparing to take the bar exam.

Kade Keuhl finally relented and agreed to apply for his private investigator’s license. The ski lift at the local Snow Plaza grounded everybody from hitting the slopes. And Emily, Drake's former college flame, is back in town looking to make him an offer that could alter everything moving forward.

A hundred miles east of Missoula, just outside of Butte, the mansion of a reclusive billionaire is burned to the ground. A radical new accelerant is used to reduce the place to rubble in a fraction of the expected time, leaving local law enforcement stumped and heightening the impetus to apprehend whoever is responsible.

Fearing the heightened scrutiny that could come with such an event, a quick arrest is made. The man accused of the heinous crime is working to provide for his young wife and impending child—a former Montana Grizzly that calls on his teammate with one simple request:Prove he didn’t do it.

Working under the constraints of expectations and growing unrest, Drake and the Zoo Crew go to work to unfold a deeper story than anyone anticipated.

What started as a simple case of arson soon stretches back a decade, encompassing land deals gone bad, deep personal ideologies, and activism taken to an ugly extreme…

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