A Hunter Novel, Book 1

Three days ago, Ember Squires had things in order.

She was a well-known detective in Seattle. She had a son she adored and an ex-husband she was learning to navigate. Her life was ordered and purpose-driven.

But that life was shattered, stripped away in an instant, as she sat huddled along the side of the road in a relentless snowstorm. Her car beyond repair, her phone ruined, her son’s head in her lap, she was forced to accept the only offer of help that came her way and the ironclad stipulations that came with it.

Seventy-two hours later, Ember finds herself an employee of Hell.

Forced to call on the skills she gained working for years in the Pacific Northwest, she now scours the world, seeing it in an entirely new manner. Invisible to all she might have known, unable to contact anyone from her past life, she must push forward, handling whatever is thrown her way, all in honor of a contract she signed that fateful night.

No matter how ill-prepared she might be or how much she despises what is thrown her way, because to recant would be unthinkable.

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