The Partnership
A Reed & Billie Novel Book 4

Less than a week before Christmas, Columbus Detective Reed Mattox and his K-9 partner receive a call from dispatch. The body of a young woman has been found floating in the Olentangy River, her teeth forcibly removed, her fingerprints obliterated, any chance at a positive identification residing only within the string of inexplicable tattoos inked across the bottom of her feet.

Across town, an organization has taken hold in the North End, capitalizing on the recent gentrification in the area by introducing an entirely new and exotic service that the people of Central Ohio have never seen before. Preying on a captive market, they have developed a small empire in just a short amount of time, bringing with it far more than anybody could have foreseen.

How these things might all tie together Reed is forced to uncover, working far beyond the usual scope of his jurisdiction, perhaps even much further than he’s ever gone before…


I've never read a book by Dustin Stevens that I did not love! He puts you right into the character and you feel exactly what that character is feeling. I am anxious to begin his new book, One Last Day. I would certainly recommend all of his books. Everything he writes is fresh! Everyone should try his books, you would not be sorry!!

L. E. Edwards

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