Zoo Crew Series Book 3

A round not meant to kill, but illuminate…

Just days removed from the front lines in Afghanistan, a decorated Army sniper steps through the front door of an Agricultural Commission meeting in his hometown of Hamilton, Montana.

Rifle in hand, he fires off two shots, neither hitting a soul, before taking three rounds himself.

A frenzy wages outside the hospital where he lies in a medically induced coma. Local law enforcement and prosecutors parade in front of the cameras, blaming the actions on a maladjusted serviceman and using the incident to bolster their own standing. Veterans in the area bristle at the treatment, threatening to lash back at any time. Townspeople claim they no longer feel safe on the streets of Hamilton.

Scared and fearful, his younger sister places a call to the Legal Services clinic in Missoula. On the other end is Drake Bell.

Convinced by the girl all is not what it seems, Drake enlists the aid of his friends, the Zoo Crew, to begin digging into the case.

What unfolds is a story far afield from what is being pedaled to the masses, one with tendrils reaching back generations, threatening the livelihood so many in the area hold most dear…

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