A Bulletproof Novel, Book 2

“What do you mean it just disappeared?”

Eighteen hours ago, Flight 8811 departed from the Indian mainland headed east to Thailand across the Bay of Bengal. A four-hour flight path travelled more than a hundred times each day, the two hundred and thirty-six passengers onboard should’ve arrived at their destination just shy of midnight.

An arrival time that came and went without the slightest sign of the aircraft or anybody onboard, the best guess as to what happened being some grainy cellphone footage taken from a commercial fishing trawler of what appears to be an explosion in the night sky.

An event that governments both far and near feed to the public as a celestial anomaly, hoping to buy themselves some time to determine what happened and who might be behind such a thing.

With competing interests surging, Mike Mychalski receives a call from Kari Ma, his handler at The Ranch. Operating on the wrong side of the world, and with precious little time to spare, the United States government has reached out, asking them to recreate the victory they were able to pull off in their maiden run together in Jakarta barely a year before.

Flanked by friends both old and new, Mike is thrust into a race against covert operatives from around the globe, each with their own reasons for being there, and each willing to do anything to protect them…

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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