Until Death

Until Death
My Mira Series

Two weeks, Kyle Clady has been propelling himself forward. Fourteen days of trying to unravel the people and reasons behind the senseless murder of his wife in Balboa Park.
A desperate search that pushed him harder and farther than any he experienced as a Navy SEAL.
A journey that finally ends tonight.

Rising with the sun, Kyle finds himself in a newly formed alliance. A shared venture with someone he was facing off against just hours before, each recognizing a kindred spirit in the other. A fellow fighter with a shared enemy. A man with goals parallel to his own, each needing something from the other.

A trust Kyle is willing to extend to finally give himself and his wife both the peace they deserve.

Across town at that very moment, Detective Marsh is on the backend of another long night. A desperate search in the face of mounting pressures and dwindling time, his entire focus on uncovering the identity of the woman alluded to by the last surviving associate of the Wolves.

A woman that is already busy with her own list of tasks. Final threads to be snipped clean, allowing her and her employer to move forward.

Four individuals serving as a subset of the many affected by the events of the last couple of weeks. People continually pushing onward in search of the conclusion they’ve been chasing for so long…

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