Warning Shot
My Mira Saga, Book 5

“There was somebody else there tonight. They got at least two of the Wolves, and they also got the same thing I was after.”

In the wake of his most recent encounter with the Wolves, Kyle Clady decides a new tact is needed. For as satisfying as slowly extracting his revenge might be, it isn’t what his wife would want.

And it is getting him no closer to answering why she was targeted in the first place.

Going back to the last known point of emphasis he has, he begins to come at things from a new angle. He aligns himself with new allies, speaking with the local churches and politicians, all while trying to avoid the watchful eyes of the police, the Wolves, and a dangerous new adversary he never considered.

Taken together, it sends him down paths he never considered, taking him perilously close to place he never would have imagined…

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