I know it has been painfully long since posting any new material in the space, the reasons for which are many and varied. First and foremost, it stems from the inordinate amount of writing I have done the last six months, much of which you will all be seeing this winter. (The Subway comes out next week, Firefly next month, more Reed & Billie in January, two new Danny the Daydreamer works in there, a graphic novel….phew!)

Second – and arguably just as big a reason – has been the fact that since leaving Hawaii and June, my trust sidekick and I have been living a very nomadic lifestyle. After being on Oahu for six-plus years, and enduring never being able to drive for more than twenty miles before having to turn around and come back, we decided to hit the open road.

Through the help of a lot of Airbnb’s, Google maps, and a host of other things, we managed to work our the entire length of the west coast and back in a trip that could only be described as incredible. As such, I’ve decided to put together a number of random rankings and suggestions from our time kicking around.

Among those will be the best pizza joints (little known fact – I may a bit of a junkie, which is not to be confused w/ a connoisseur, as I tend to love most all pizza, so this list will be long), best places to go for a morning run, best unexpected treats, best small towns, etc etc etc

Starting Monday, these will be showing up each week through the end of the year, beginning in a couple of days w/ one we both hold very near and dear: Mexican food. ?

See you all then!

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