Anybody at all that is familiar w/ this website…or my books…or even me in general knows that one of the few things in the world I adore unapologetically are English bulldogs. We grew up w/ at least one in the house at all times, my mama ran a kennel raising them for quite some time, and at various points we had as many as ten of the wrinkly critters running around. My college graduation gift was a bullie named Nodia that traveled the country three separate times w/ me (best road trip wing man ever…she never complained, asked how much further, or tried to change the radio station) before her passing a few years ago.

Using that as a preface, one of the more random things I have always wanted to be on hand for is the Unleashed Surf Dog Competition in Imperial Beach, California. It is an annual event w/ more than fifty canine participants, and…well…just look at some of these photos and tell me this doesn't appear entertaining as hell.

(I doubt I need to point out which one I think deserves the win here…)

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