This week, I'm trying something new. Every so often I am going to ask a guest to choose a random topic for me to write about in this space. A free-writing exercise if you will. This week, to get us kicked off, I asked Podge to come up w/ something, and I'll confess, she didn't do half bad:

Your favorite holiday and why?

Most anybody that knows me knows how I'm going to answer that question, but me being me, I figured this might be another excellent opportunity for a list. So w/o any ado whatsoever, my totally subjective, highly un-scientific top-5 favorite holidays in descending order…

Honorable Mention

Patriots Day ~ To be clear, this one took a major hit this past year given the attrocities committed at the Boston Marathon. Most years though, it is a city-wide holiday where everybody is off work on a Monday, the Marathon is that morning, the Sox play late-morning game, and it usually coincides w/ Halter Top Day. Good times.

Easter ~ This is one that took on a whole new level of meaning after The Niece was born. What was once a trip to church and some Cadbury Eggs now includes coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts, and a metric ton of multi-colored Peeps…

Cinco de Mayo ~ Allow me to explain everything you need to know about why this is a great holiday: Mexican restaurants the world over have crazy cheap food, good music, and celebrations that go all night. Done and done.

St. Patrick's Day ~ St. Patrick's Day didn't really enter my radar until going to undergad in Boston, at which point I was introduced to corned beef and hash for the first time, along w/ Irish drum and bagpipe bands. Never ever a dull moment.

Folk's Anniversary/The Niece's Birthday ~ Hey…this is my list, remember!

And now on to the medal round…

5.) Fat Tuesday ~ aka, the culmination of Mardi Gras. Do I need to say more? (Actually, after checking w/ my legal counsel, it is best I DON'T say more. Let's just move on…)

4.) Thanksgiving ~ For all the wonderful things Abe Lincoln did for this country, one that needs to be included is his officially creating Thanksgiving Day, a day set aside to eat absurd amounts of savory food. As if that wasn't enough, a hundred years later the powers-that-be came along and decided we needed a full slate of pro football to give us something to do while suffering through our food-induced misery. Gets points deducted b/c it's always so cold…and there's usually a lot of forced interaction involved.

3.) First Day of College Football Season ~ While maybe not technically a holiday, ask any sports fan and they will vehemently agree that it belongs on the list. Having waited seven agonizing months between the Superbowl (which narrowly missed making Honorable Mention) and the start of the season, you can give us a steady diet of Alabama v. Appalachian State and we wouldn't care. Football season is back at last!

2.) 4th of July ~ In no particular order…(1) It is warm out. (2) Something is always getting grilled. (3) There is no better excuse to be on the water. (3) We kicked Britian's a**. (4) Stuff is getting blown up. Did I miss anything here??

1.) Halloween ~ This should come as a surprise to nobody…and it's not even close. This is a day where we open our home to costumed strangers and give them candy and I don't know about you, but that's a responsibility I take most seriously.

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