After my Halloween posts in which I listed out in great detail my favorite costume sightings of years past, several of you wrote back and said you liked the list format. (I think a few of you even borrowed liberally from the list for your own costuming purposes. Happy to help!!) That being said, I figured I would write a new list to kick off the new month.

For those three individuals on the planet that have lived under a boulder, off the grid, in a snowstorm, for the last few weeks and have somehow managed to avoid the massive commercial explosion that accompanies the season, we recently entered into that portion of the year between holidays which can basically be summed up as “Christmas-time.” While a fair bit of what now comprises the season is little more than self-indulgent overrated crap, one thing that is and will always (unless Bieber continues making music) enjoyable is holiday music.

That being said, here is my unofficial top ten holiday music list. (As always, Im sure there are many I will miss…) Enjoy!!

(Also…I am aware that neither of Mariah Carey’s songs are on the list. This was intentional. There are only so many times a fella can hear these tunes before showing up in a CNN breaking news story…)

10.) Christmas Time is Here ~ Vince Guaraldi Trio

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!! (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, as much as I hate to admit it, you probably shouldn’t be reading this)

9.) Redneck Twelve Days of Christmas ~ Jeff Foxworthy

Twelve pack of Bud, eleven wrasslin tickets, ten a-Copenhagen…

8.) Christmas ~ Darlene Love

What can I say? I like Motown. This is the best Christmas tune to ever come out of there.

7.) Santa Clause Boogie ~ The Tractors

A clear rip-off of their own Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train, but still rather entertaining.

6.) Blue Christmas ~ Elvis

The porky pig version is also fantastic, but it’s tough to beat the king. (Stayed tune…we’re not done w/ him yet)

5.) Carol of the Bells ~ Trans-Siberian Orchestra

If you ever have the chance to see them or Mannheim Steamroller in concert, I HIGHLY recommend it…

4.) O Holy Night ~ John Berry

Easily my favorite actual Christmas carol. I personally prefer the Berry version, but they’re all pretty darn good.

3.) Santa Clause is Coming to Town ~ Bruce Springsteen

I personally believe Big Clarence, between the saxophone rifts and the belly laughs, makes this one an all-timer.

2.) The Christmas Song ~ Alvin and the Chipmunks

Granted, this one might hold more sentimental value for me than most, but it just isn’t Christmas until Mama Stevens has belted this one out in a perfect Alvin-staccato a few times. (Bonus points for the inevitable grumbling it elicits from Pop)

1.) Santa Clause is Back in Town ~ Elvis

I told you we weren’t done w/ Elvis. The man isn’t the patron saint of Tennessee for nothing folks…

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