I have recently befriended someone that is perpetually alluding to “Her Five.” After about the tenth time she did so, I asked what the heck she was talking about. Apparently, most people walk around with their five, a working list of their celebrity crushes. She also went on to explain that The Five is a fluid list, where people drop on and off all the time.

She then demanded to know mine.

::blink blink blink::

I am being perfectly honest when I say I have never considered this before. I have never even heard of a “Five” let alone formed one myself. After her incessent urging though, I sat down and tried to form a rough list. As always, I'm sure I forgot many, many lovely ladies, but for the time being, this is what I've got.

(Also, in looking at this list, apparently I'm a fan of tall, blondes. Shocking, I know. Absolutely stunning even…)

Honorable Mention
Stacy Keibler
Kate Beckinsale
Romola Garai
Camilla Belle
Leighton Meester

5.) Erin Andrews

Wait…you mean a tall attractive lady that has made a career out of talking football?! Where do I sign up??

4.) Rosamund Pike

Tall, blonde, English. Done and done.

3.) AJ Cook

This should come as a surprise to nobody that either A) knows me or B) has been reading this blog for a while. My affinity began with Out Cold and has made Criminal Minds appointment viewing every week since.

2.) Diane Kruger

I have forgotten pretty much everything about the movie Troy except for Diane Kruger's turn as Helen of Troy. I do believe I would have started a war that eventually wiped out my entire city-state to make her my own as well…

1.) Maggie Grace

Forget the Taken movies…I defy anybody to go back and watch the first two seasons of LOST and tell me she doesn't catch your eye every time.

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