Many of my friends swear that you can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they have on their ipod. I personally am a bit dubious of this, as I don't think you can accurately depict anybody just by a handful of musical title taken at a random. I myself have over a thousand songs on my ipod ranging the entire sound spectrum.

Sometimes Im running ladders at the gym. Others Im walking along Ala Moana Beach at sunset. Clearly you don't want Over the Rainbow  for the former or AC/DC for the ladder.

That being said, this week I decided to open my ipod to shuffle and knock out the first ten songs that come up. Again, this not a list of my favorites, or even my most played, just the first ten that appear.

Feel free to judge away…

1.) Hound Dog ~ Elvis

Admit it…you're now hearing this in your head.

2.) Little White Church ~ Little Big Town

I'm guessing some of you may not know this song/band, but I'm telling you, youre missing out. (And yes, I still contend I would marry the blonde for her hair alone. 100% serious)

3.) Making Memories of Us ~ Keith Urban

Hmm…interesting. Haven't heard this one in ages and it comes up today.

4.) Knockin on Heaven's Door ~ Guns n Roses

I know some of you may scream blasphemy, but I actually MUCH prefer this one to the Bob Dylan version.

5.) I Don't Love You ~ My Chemical Romance

Another song  would bet money most of you haven't heard, but it is one of the few that get's “Listen regardless of what I'm doing” status. (also, was I the only one deeply saddened to see MCR break up last week?)

6.) We Didn't Start the Fire ~ Billy Joel

My all-time karaoke claim to fame: a buddy and I pushed the screen back and went line for line at each other on this one. Brought the house down.

7.) Proud Mary ~ CCR

Another case of opening myself up to abuse, but I'll take this over Tina any day. (Except for her opening…”we never, ever do nothing nice, and easy…”  Gold I tell ya…)

8.) Runaway Train ~ Soul Asylum

This song took on a whole new level after I saw the video. Harrowing stuff right there.

9.) Just a Dream ~ Nelly

Yeah, I went there, what of it?

10.) Turn the Page ~ Bob Seger

Fantastic way to end the list…and Pop's favorite song of all-time to boot!

So…anybody care to speculate what this list says about me

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