Some time again I made a rank order posting of the various people that one might encounter while in the sauna/steam room at the gym. Amongst those offenders listed was the always obvious, never subtle Too Much Cologne Guy.



For those of you fortunate enough to have never encountered this individual, fall to your knees right this second and praise whatever higher being you believe in. (Seriously…Ill wait) For the rest of us, you have my deepest condolences, and my own new encounter just this morning to make you feel better.

One of the more unnerving parts of working out at the local gym here in Honolulu is that the Hawaii Pacific baseball regularly comes in a couple mornings a week. For the most part I don't begrudge fellow gym goers, but these guys cross the lines in so many ways it is tough to overlook. There are roughly thirty of them. None of them want to be there. They roam in packs. Most hang out by the lat machines or dumbbell racks, talking story and clogging things up for those of that actually need to go to work in a little while.

They're biggest offense though? No less than five of them are Too Much Cologne Guy.

Even worse? Three of them do nothing but sit in the sauna, meaning all that nasty artificial scent gets mixed w/ sweat, booze, etc and bottled into a tiny wooden coffin for the rest of us to smell, the resulting cocktail so strong it's been known to bring tears to the eyes. (And that's not a nod to being melodramatic…that &$#% burns)

To them….I dedicate this video…

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