As some of you may have noticed, and most anybody that knows me will attest, there are few things I hate more than the ‘marketing' side of being a writer. By and large I believe many of us see ourselves as storytellers, meaning we prefer our role to be largely invisible, to create a world for others to get lost in. More often than not, if you are aware of our presence, that means we have done something wrong. (Which I do plenty…but hopefully Im getting better at)

To that end, it is w/ much trepidation and humble thanks that I offer to make a deal with you.

For the next weeks, you may download a free copy of my book Going Viral from Story Cartel. (They are a third party site I have worked w/ in the past to great results….and Ruthanne might be one of the sweetest people I have encountered in the entire publishing industry, which is saying a lot) In exchange you will be asked to post an Amazon review, which can be as short or as long, as full of wonderful praise or cutting criticism as you like. The goal is to get the book into more hands. Nothing more. I swear.

It can be found at this link: https://storycartel.com/books/going-viral and is available in PDF, epub, and mobi (kindle) formats. If there is another form you need, feel free to contact me through here and I'm sure we can figure out a way to make that work too.

Many thanks and much love!

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