One of the things that makes my daily life so enjoyable is the *colorful* cast of characters that populate it. More than once some aspect of my wild and zany friends/family has made it into my writing, which is meant entirely to be a sign of endearment and nothing more. I am fully aware I have my own peccadilloes, so any time I mention something from another source, it is derived from respect and/or affection, but certainly never as means of poking fun.

It is with that in mind that I share an all-timer now.

When I was a junior in college I woke up one morning to have received a late night voicemail. Over time it became known as The Voicemail, and played out something like this:

“D! Trizzle and I were out tonight and came up w/ a new game! We’re going to call it The Ass-A-Thon, and you get points for hooking up. We even have a scoreboard and code names. Mine is Oliver and his is Jimmy.  You get one point for the basics, two means things are heating, three means you better hit it, and four is the grand finale! In this game, everybody is a winner, especially the ladies!”

The last fifteen seconds of this were filled w/ some sort of indeterminate muffled sounds which I assume were the passing of whatever was imbibed that evening, but I can’t be certain.

Now, do I condone this behavior? No.

Have I ever played? Nope.

Did I laugh my @$$ off that morning listening to it? Most assuredly.

What makes me bring it up now? Apparently in a rare recent bit of garage cleaning, the fabled scorecard was unearthed. I will not share what the final tally was, as it would divulge far more about these two individuals than I’m sure their respective (now) spouses would ever want to know. I will however say that yet again we all got one heckuva laugh out of things, and isn’t that kind of the point?

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