I know I am now woefully behind on posting here, as the combination of legislative session, three new releases in the next eight weeks, and a wonky home computer connection that has now ate my last two attempts have all combined to force this delay. I fully realize in the last month or so I have missed a few good flicks, the entire NCAA tournament, and a host of other things w/o so much as a comment.

That ends now.

A year or so ago, a new phenomenon was introduced on the Jimmy Fallon Show in which he would challenge visiting celebrities to a lip sync battle, the result being every bit as crazy as you'd imagine. Grown, impossibly good looking, ridiculously wealthy people gyrating on stage the way most of us used to while singing into a hair brush in front of the bathroom mirror.

The most unexpected part? (Besides Emma Stone being the runaway champ) It was actually gobs of fun for participants and viewers.

Now, b/c this is America and we can never just leave a good thing alone, earlier this spring Spike TV took this to a whole new level, creating an entire show around the premise. LL Cool J hosts (watching him try to come up w/ real questions for these shenanigans is actually surprisingly entertaining), Chrissie Teagan is there doing, well, something, and they have thus far brought in a cavalcade of A-list talent to take part.

As would only be fair, the first week was Jimmy Fallon going head to head w/ Dont-Call-Me The Rock. Take a look…

Yes, it is patently absurd, but it really is great fun. The stars know how ludicrous it is and completely play along, taking the entire spectacle to a whole different level. For as good as these two were though, Anne Hathaway completely destroyed all comers last week w/ this one…

As an unabashed Emily Blunt fan it pains me to admit her defeat, but not to whole-heartedly endorse this show.

I remember reading a James Patterson interview once where he said sometimes Hollywood, the music industry, etc. just needs to acknowledge life can be hard enough and people need escapism from the arts.

Lip Sync Battle is a far cry from art, but I'll be damned if it isn't fun, and a heaping helping of escapism.

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