Once more I am forced to apologize for being delinquent in posting, but this time, I must say, it's not entirely my fault, for two reasons. First of all, I was all set to post at one point a week ago, but unfortunately just before writing Casa del Lil Stevens was burglarized. I got distracted and by the time I sat down to right again, I couldn't really say much that wasn't a very bitter rant. (They even took a little girl's moo cow piggy bank…WHO DOES THAT?!)

The second reason is I have been dilligently pounding away at a manuscript, and when I am that entrenched in a project, it is sometimes hard to detach and write something else. Not a complete excuse, but there's at least some merit there, right? Maybe? Hopefully?

That being said, I thought I would take a bit of time and post about the main reason were all here on this site, which is, you know, writing.

Many times before people have asked me about my writing process. Now, for me to sit and try to explain every aspect of it would take weeks. Seriously. There's a lot that goes into. That being said thought, I would like to offer up a few thoughts on one aspect at a time every so often.

First up today…the creative process.

I once read a book by WIlliam Goldman (screenwriter for “Princess Bride,” “Misery,” etc.), wherein he stated: “I don't 
understand the creative process. Actually, I make a concerted effort not to understand it. I don't know what it is or how it works but I am terrified that one green morning it will decide not to work anymore, so I have always given it as wide a bypass as possible.”

Honestly, this is kind of the truth.

Story ideas have come to me from news stories, other books I've read, rumors I've heard, one of books (I won't say which one) even had its origin in a crazy dream I had one night. I have no idea or how or why these ideas come into my mind, but when they're there, I just go with it. I let them manifest however they choose, and go from there.

Sometimes, they don't really go anywhere. I have an entire Steno notebook filled with story ideas, plot outlines, character sketches, etc. that for whatever reason I just haven't pursued.

Others, like when writing 21 Hours, a particular storyline or character voice comes into my head and absolutely refuses to leave until its been put down on paper. Once those moments hit, I don't fight it. I just wall myself off from the world and get after it. (Case in point…I wrote that manuscript in ten days…while working full-time)

And that's basically how it goes for me. When it's clicking, I clear my schedule and I let it flow. When it isn't, thats when I go back and edit, do marketing, etc.

It may not be the most perfect process in the world, but it works for me…

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