For those that only know the current iteration of me, once upon a time I was a college football player.

Actually, check that, I was a college offensive lineman.

If unfamiliar w/ the individual positions on the field, allow me to explain it thus: Nobody will ever, ever confuse an offensive lineman w/ a quarterback. Or a running back. Or a wide receiver. Or even a linebacker. There will never be commercials or billboards featuring an offensive lineman. Children will never clamor for autographs.

In a nutshell…take everything you know about Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and pretty much turn that on its head. THAT is an offensive lineman. Nameless, faceless, only-get-singled-out-if-they-do-something-wrong, must-weight-a-minimum-of-300-pounds, fellas.

Why is all this important? B/c it makes events like what took place recently at an Arizona Rattlers game all the more epic.

(Scroll along to the 0:48 mark if you must but trust me…the payoff is worth it)

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