TR Kohler

In an effort to allow me to (1) create some different forms of content, and (2) publish at an enhanced rate, I have added a new line of works to my collection, using the pseudonym TR Kohler.

Just like my own works, these novels will focus on suspense/thrillers, featuring standalone full length novels as well as a new series of novellas featuring private investigator Kerrin Thoms.

Hunter Series


A Hunter Novel, Book 1
She was a well-known detective in Seattle. She had a son she adored and an ex-husband she was learning to navigate. Her life was ordered and purpose-driven.

Street Divorce

A Hunter Novel, Book 2
My head hurts too much for you to be messing with me right now. I was just asking if—” Let me guess,” Kaia inserts, cutting her off.

Jumper Series

Into The Jungle

A Jumper Novel, Book 1
On its surface, the task presented to Kari Ma is simple enough.

Out To Sea

A Jumper Novel, Book 2
Don’t let the calm surface fool you. It’s a mirror hiding a hundred different …

Bulletproof Series

Mike's Place

A Bulletproof Novel, Book 1
You’re one of them, aren’t you? For a moment, he thinks to plead ignorance.



A Bulletproof Novel, Book 2
Eighteen hours ago, Flight 8811 departed from the Indian mainland headed east to Thailand across the Bay of Bengal.

Translator Series

The Translator

A Translator Novel, Book 1
Sometimes, a breeze is just a breeze. A completely natural thing,

the translator ebook cover

The Confession

A Translator Novel, Book 2
“My son’s conviction was based almost entirely on his confession, which I need you to prove was a lie.”

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