The Zoo Crew – Dustin Stevens

The Zoo Crew


Official Blurb

The Zoo Crew. A random assortment of individuals that came together in western Montana out of circumstance, stayed together by choice. Among them are Ajax, a gaming genius far from his native Boston. Kade, a forest firefighter that spends half his year roaming the blazing countryside, the other half perusing the local nightlife. Sage, registered nurse and proverbial mother hen for the group.

At the helm is Drake Bell, displaced Southerner and third year law student. Fresh off a summer spent interning in legal hell, he is only mildly certain he even wants to continue down the path he’s on. Until an old friend comes to find him that is.

Eight months pregnant and closing fast on her due date, the girl is scared. What was supposed to have been a simple surrogacy agreement has gone
tragically wrong. Young girls like her are coming up missing or even worse. She’s on the run and has nobody else to turn to.

If everything the girl is saying is true, some of the largest players in the Missoula community are involved. Armed only with his own trepidations and the loyalty of those around him, Drake must find a way to save his friend and his own growing skepticism before it’s too late.

Side Commentary
This is the first in a series of novels that should be released every few months at least through 2013. The next one is already written, and the third in the series has been started. When I originally started writing The Zoo Crew, the intent was to leave the door open for future books, but not necessarily to push straight through into future stories. As it turns out, I had so much fun w/ the characters on this one, I decided to stay there a while longer. I hope readers have the same reaction.

Some people may read this work as some sort of condemnation of Missoula (aka, The Zoo). Nothing could be further from the truth. I merely chose to set the series there b/c (1) it is the perfect sized community for the stories I wanted to tell, (2) I know it the town/area quite well, and (3) any excuse I have to get back to Montana is always a good thing.

Per usual, there are a couple of thank you's to be made. First, to Buckeye Barbie for contiuing to serve as my ‘common sense' story editor. Second, to the halfie, who's varied personalities provided the backdrop for not one but two characters in this novel.

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