Tracer – Dustin Stevens



Official Blurb

Two weeks ago, Lukas Webb was an Army sniper on the front lines in Afghanistan. Upon finding out his father has just days to live, he is granted a compassionate discharge and returns home to Hamilton, Montana to say goodbye and take over the family business. Just days into his tenure at the helm of the WB Ranch, he appears at the front door of an Agriculture Commission meeting carrying a rifle and fires two perfect shots before being taking three rounds himself.

While Lukas sits in Hamilton Memorial Hospital in a medical-induced coma, a frenzy wages on outside. Local law enforcement and prosecutors parade in front of the cameras, blaming the actions on a maladjusted serviceman, using the incident to bolster their own standing. Veterans in the area bristle at the treatment, threatening to lash back at any time. Townspeople claim they no longer feel safe on the streets of Hamilton.

With just days remaining before Lukas wakes and is hauled off to prison for the rest of his life, a call is made to budding attorney Drake Bell for assistance. Employing the help of his friends the Zoo Crew, he begins a maddening search for the real reason behind the shooting, something he suspects resonates much closer to home…

Side Commentary
This is the third in The Zoo Crew series, a group of recurring characters residing in Missoula, Montana. The stories all flow chronilogically and have some connecting storylines, but are written so each can be read stand-alone. Just to
reiterate…I have nothing but the highest of respect for Montana and all those found there. It is actually an extension of that respect that I chose to place the novels where I did. Per usual, none of the storylines and characters found therein are meant to resemble real life, but rather my own mental creations.

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