Random Interview

I know I have been terribly inadequate at keeping this space updated as of late, but now off the road for the first time in what feels like ages, I do hereby promise to be much better for the foreseeable future. ::holds up index and middle fingers in Scout's Honor...

Random Warning

As I do every year, I must once again post fair warning to all friends, neighbors, loved ones, past acquaintances, future pals, and especially my poor critters that tomorrow marks another start to that strange and wonderful time of year we all know and love as college...
Random Excerpt – Hellfire

Random Excerpt – Hellfire

This week, I take a break from my rankings (many more to come!) to share an excerpt from my upcoming Hellfire, the fourth Hawk Tate novel! ************************************************ ​My father had turned the engine off and taken the keys with him, a conditioned...

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