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For those who don't know my work, it only takes a moment to see that my writing is just as varied as I can be.  I like a myriad of different authors and styles, and l try to experiment with different subjects and voices in my own writing.  At the moment, each of the works are stand-alones, though initial plans have already begun on sequels for two, if not three, of the novels here.  Let's be honest, as much fun as reading/writing different stories can be, there is something deeply fulfilling about watching a character evolve over the course several books.

The Subway

​  Justice

    The Debt



     Fire and Ice

      The Good Son

       Cover Fire

       The Boat Man

  Cold Fire


    Be My Eyes


   Scars and Stars


      Dead Peasants

      The Zoo Crew

       21 Hours

       Just A Game




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