Four – Dustin Stevens



Official Blurb

Four is the story of a man simply known as Four.   He's known to his employers as Four because he operates by four concrete rules at all times.  He's known by reputation as Four because he's the clean-up man, just like the fourth batter in a baseball lineup.
He is the clean-up man of the contract killing world.  If a contract goes awry, a target gets away or somebody is seen, he's the man that's called to control the situation.  Ruthless, efficient and believed by some to be little more than a myth, Number Four is the kind of man nobody ever wants to have to use twice.
Ten years before Theo Mavetti, head of an independent crime syndicate in Boston employed Number Four.   Trying to save a few dollars Mavetti crossed Number Four and very nearly lost his family for it.  Now a new situation has presented itself and as it begins to close in on Mavetti and his way of life, he has no choice but to again make the call.
As high ranking officials and public personas begin turning up the victims of perfect crimes, the Boston Police press harder and harder on the case.   Dern Beckett, an intense and rugged man from the mountains of Wyoming, leads the investigation and begins unraveling the connections that reach from offices on Capital Hill to billion dollar industries to the most prestigious academic institutions in the world.
Four focuses on the three different sides and the high stakes game of cat-and-mouse each must play.   

Side Commentary

Four was my first published manuscript, put out by a low-end publisher in late 2010. It was a story I wrote in the summer before starting law school. Once I was out and had the time/energy/inclination to begin writing something that wasn't a legal brief once again, I dusted this off and sent it out to a few people. I can honestly say the project did exactly what I hope it would. It reinvigorating my passion for writing. Pretty much everything else you see on this site has been banged out in the two-and-a-half years since.

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