Ink – Dustin Stevens



Official Blurb

Hollywood would have the world believe that every time a zombie apocalypse occurs, it is the result of a military experiment gone awry or from the widespread ingestion of tainted food by an unsuspecting populace. In reality, it started as an innocent attempt by the CDC to disseminate a vaccine and eradicate a previously-unknown virus.

On one side of the country, it begins with a dream. Alone on the sandy beaches of Hawaii Blake Kox experiences what the natives call moe’uhane, a visit from a spirit meant to warn of impending danger.

On the other side of the country, it starts with a case of the newly identified Fowl Flu. As incidents of the new disease spring up along the Florida panhandle Victor Hobbes, Special Consultant to the CDC, is called on to handle the crisis before it grips the country in outbreak.

From their posts as a law student in Montana and as a ranking government official in Atlanta, Blake and Hobbes are forced to take their first uncertain steps through a world at the inception of apocalypse. For Blake that means attempting to work his way across the rugged Montana landscape, past burning cities, roadblocks, sinister humans, and marauding zombies to the safety of home. For Hobbes it means facing off with a hostile administration, a self-defeating lab director and a country that is actively slipping into anarchy around them.


Side Commentary

While the words “zombie apocalypse” might immediately turn readers away, this in no way attempts to pick up where George A. Romero once left off.  This is a more nuanced, hopefully scientific, look at a potentially feasible situation.  There are several scenes of intense action, but this is certainly not a horror read.  The main focus here is on the main characters, in very different places and from very different walks of life, and how this situation affects them.

Also, I would like to thank my long time friend McG for her cover design on this one.  All I did was give her a partial rough draft and asked what she might come up with, and she handed me this back just a few short days later.  Your talent continues to astound me.

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