Peeping Thoms – Dustin Stevens

Peeping Thoms

“I go to trial in two days and my star witness is nowhere to be found!” 

When Joe Don Burrell shows up at the front door of Peeping Thoms Investigations, he reeks of fear and desperation, two things Kerrin Thoms has made a career out of avoiding in her clients. Not until he begins to outline the backstory behind the case, and why it is imperative that she help him, does she pause to reconsider. 

Three months prior, a tourist was murdered in Waikiki. On the surface, the case is as simple as they come, but as Thoms continues to dig, she discovers the man was actually an investor visiting Oahu from the mainland, and the last place he was seen alive was outside a nightclub in dire financial. 

Working with her adult twin children, Thoms begins to piece her way back through what happened that fateful night, a search that sends her bouncing from the bright lights of the strip to the tranquil sands of the North Shore. In between, she uncovers so much more than she ever realized existed in her island home, all in the name of ensuring that justice is finally served…

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