Catching Fire
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 8

“You want to go to the Zone of Death? Now?” I asked, my brows rising in disbelief. “Agent Rowe, I don’t care if the damn president is holed up in that cabin, you’re not getting there tonight.”

Two years ago, rookie ATF agent Harper Rowe witnessed the death of her partner and mentor in a fiery explosion at the headquarters of a man they’d been investigating. The start of what became an obsession, tracking the man she held responsible for six months before finally apprehending him.

The first major score of her career, elevating her to a full-blown agent and providing some modicum of justice for her fallen friend. Accountability that lasted until the prison transport van was hijacked three weeks ago, releasing the murderer and seven other criminals back onto the streets, renewing the fixation Rowe experienced so long ago.

Total focus meaning that when a rumor was floated through the detention center where the prisoner was held that he might be hiding in one of a few cabins found in a sliver of Yellowstone Park beyond the jurisdictional reach of any law enforcement agency, she shows up on Hawk Tate’s doorstep asking for his help.

Aid he only begrudgingly extends, culminating in a violent blast eerily similar to the one from years before. Total destruction that claims one life and just narrowly misses taking both of theirs.

A trap that becomes the inadvertent start of a partnership between Hawk and Rowe that sends them both careening across the Pacific Northwest.

A mad dash to uncover who was behind the attempted assassination, revealing layers and connections going back years, connecting to prior relationships and experiences both will need to draw from if they are to make it out alive…

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