Forest Fire
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 9

“You know how when people show up at an emergency room, they’re admitted based on severity? Someone with the sniffles gets told to wait in the corner while a bullet wound gets rushed into surgery?”

Tilting my head back in understanding, I replied, “I take it rainbow fentanyl is a bullet wound?”

“Rainbow fentanyl is a shotgun blast to the chest.”

When Hawk Tate went to bed the night before, he took the massive winter squall raging along the western front of the Rocky Mountain range as a sign the winter tour of Yellowstone Park scheduled for the next morning wasn’t meant to be.

What he had no way of knowing was that while he was safe in his bed, a small plane was passing high overhead. A vessel en route from Seattle to Denver, with no choice but to try and push through.

A doomed effort, forcing them down into the most remote part of the park with cargo that many parties will do anything to recover. Including kidnapping Hawk and his partner and demanding they take them to the crash site.

Heavily outnumbered, and working under a dwindling timeframe, Hawk is forced to lead a race deep into the most isolated wilderness in the continental United States. A fight for survival, pitting him not just against the crew holding them captive, but the raw savagery of the elements.

A battle against both man and nature, requiring every bit of experience amassed in both his time as a guide and as a DEA agent long before…

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