Out To Sea

A Jumper Novel, Book 2

“Don’t let the calm surface fool you. It’s a mirror hiding a hundred different dangers lurking just beneath it.”

Halfway across the Bering Sea, a cruise liner steams toward Alaska. A luxury vessel most recently docked on the Russian coast, headed for the United States. It’s a simple route, traveled hundreds of times before with only a single key difference separating this voyage from the untold trips before.

An outbreak of an unusual ailment halts the ship, forcing it to call on the government for assistance.

The request passes through the CDC and various other entities, eventually landing on the desk of Kari Ma. An entreaty from on high, asking for the very specific skills she and her assets have to keep things contained.

Nic Kidman and Anika Purna possess these abilities, the two of them traveling to the Arctic to provide assistance. The goodwill trip takes on a much different tenor as they discover this was no random pathogen, but a deadly virus meant to reach its destination on the shores of North America.

A scheme put together by people still onboard, with every intention of seeing their plan through to completion.

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