Street Divorce

A Hunter Novel, Book 2

My head hurts too much for you to be messing with me right now. I was just asking if—”

“Let me guess,” Kaia inserts, cutting her off. “You’re good being employed by Hell and with angels and demons walking around, but believing someone can vanish is where you draw the line?”

Less than a month before beginning filming on the action adventure epic sure to make her a bankable movie star and a household name, Alicia Sanchez is found lying on the hardwood floor of a West Hollywood home. A gun in her hand, a trusted photographer friend and his fiancé both lay shot to death just a few feet away.

Alicia swears she cannot recall the incident, not remembering a single thing beyond the prick of a needle touching her neck shortly after arrival and the blurry silhouette of a figure appearing above her.

A story she uses her one phone call from jail to relay.

The tale finds Ember Squires, still just six months past accepting her new post as a Hunter, the name given to detectives working on behalf of Hell.

Finding herself back in southern California for the first time since her new role began, Ember is tasked not just with determining if Alicia committed the heinous act, but if in doing so she also violated the terms of her own contract. The pact she made that put her on the trajectory to stardom, nullified instantly.

The clock is ticking and multiple considerations must be navigated as the case unfolds. Things as disparate as the cutthroat nature of Instagram modeling to the various drivers behind major movie production. Industries in which nothing comes cheap or easy and all of it can be stripped away in an instant.

A litany of interests and motivations made even more pronounced by Ember’s own ongoing education in her new role…


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