The Subway
Dustin Stevens Standalone Novel


For the last six years, Tim Scarberry has called Portland, Oregon home. Placed there by the Witness Protection Program, he has assimilated into the existence set up for him, trying to gain some level of enjoyment from the life he never asked for and even less wanted.

An existence that is completely destroyed by a single phone call, nothing more than a message telling him that his last remaining tether to his old life has been severed in a most tragic and unexpected way.

Having no choice but to abandon his adopted life and return to his roots, Scarberry finds himself dropped into a situation far more harrowing than he ever could have imagined. Allied with a single sheriff’s deputy – a young woman he knew only briefly in his youth that is fighting battles of her own – the two face a network of illegal gun runners, apathetic bureaucracy, and federal agency, ultimately squaring off with the very thing Scarberry’s been trying to avoid for so long…

Some people would do anything to avenge the death of a loved one, even if it means removing oneself from your ” safe” government-appointed home (and life), knowing that you would, once again, have to face the evil that was responsible for disrupting your life in the first place.

Author Dustin Stevens ratchet-ups the suspense in this action-packed thriller, bringing us characters that we'll learn to love or (if not hate, then) to despise, depending upon which side you are rooting for!

Great dialogue, interesting story-line, and non-stop action, come together, nicely, the result being a book that is hard to put down and sure to satisfy, not only, current fans of this writer, but also, new, soon-to-be fans of this author.

John E. Donovan

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