The Zoo Crew
Zoo Crew Series Book 1

Never a more random group of misfits had the world ever seen…

Fresh from a summer legal internship in a windowless office on the east coast, all Drake Bell wants is get back to Montana, reunite with his friends, catch some fish, and maybe do some hiking.

By all accounts, it’s a solid plan for his final year of law school… and one that’s thrown far off course by the first case to walk through the door of the legal clinic where he’s assigned.

Eight months pregnant and closing fast on her due date, the girl is scared. What was supposed to be a simple surrogacy agreement went tragically wrong, with other young girls just like her coming up missing… or even worse.

She’s on the run with no one else to turn to.

Drake manages to push his reluctance aside and agrees to take the case, fast uncovering that what appears to be a simple transaction is actually something much larger, encompassing some of the biggest names in Missoula County—names with the clout and the conviction to do whatever they must to ensure their secret remains hidden.

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